10/8/16 October Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Got out today after a few days off due to the hurricane, Matthew.  We were very lucky and had nothing but a little wind and rain from the storm.  It did blow for a couple days though and the wind swung from northeast to southwest and dirtied things up and shifted them around.  The tarpon were not as thick as they were last week so we had to do a little looking around.  We caught some bait early though that also took a bit of time.  We eventually found a few tarpon around in one of the channels, as soon as we set up we hooked a slob within 5 minutes!  It was almost an hour battle but we landed a nice 100 lb fish.  After that the tide had quit so we ran out to check the beach area where they were last week.  Though all we caught were sharks out there, eventually did see a couple tarpon jump off in the distance but didn’t seem like a whole lot.  After that we decided to bend the light rods and did some trout fishing which was good.  Anyways I think it’ll get better again once the wind kicks back east, probably have maybe another month maybe to have a decent shot at catching a tarpon, once November gets rolling and it gets cold it’ll likely be over until the spring unless we have a few random very warm days.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk