10/22/16 October Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

More tarpon action today.  The fish were not as visible as they’ve been several days before.  Though we saw a handful show themselves and were able to get in on them.  Had to move around a couple times.  Though we had three bites and caught two fish, smaller guys in the 25-40 lb range.  We jumped off a larger fish too.  A handful of sharks and also caught a big redfish which was a nice surprise.  Another great day.  Not fishing tomorrow and then I am open all next week if anybody wants to go fishing.  I think the next few nights it will be a little chillier, but not suppose to get very cold.  The tarpon may not mind at all, I’ll be able to talk to a few other guys who will be out there.  Drop me a line!  2 for 3

Note: We normally do not pick tarpon up out of the water as it is unhealthy for larger fish supporting their weight like that, flopping on the deck and wiping slime off, etc…  and is also now illegal in Florida.  However tarpon under 40 inches you are allowed to (which this one was) as they aren’t so massive as to injure themselves by holding them out of the water and you can keep them from flopping all over and wiping their slime off by supporting them properly like so.


Capt. Rick Stanczyk