4/23/17 April Tarpon Fishing Morning Half Day Florida Keys

Got out with Darrel again for our last morning trip.  He had to catch an earlier flight than he thought, so we went extra early and fished 5:30 to 9:30.  Thought the rain might foil our plans, but it stopped raining around 5 AM and really turned out to be the nicest morning we’ve had in 3 weeks or so!  The winds laid down around 8:30 or so to 10 mph and it got very nice and hardly anybody was out.  We had a tarpon bite early we landed in one of the local channels.  After that we didn’t have much else so we went down to the bridges.  We ended up getting a couple bites there in the last hour, we jumped one off and Darrel had the other one on for a minute though he ended up throwing the hook too.  Anyways we were happy to get one.  Looks like we have a late weak cold front hitting us the next few nights, suppose to get in the high 60s tuesday evening though the winds are very light out of the northwest the next couple days.  Hopefully won’t mess up the fishing… who knows it may make it good!  Got a full day tomorrow, debating whether to stay around town or venture out back if it gets real nice.  We’ll see!  1 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk