6/14/17 Half Day June Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Got out with Emory today for a half day tarpon fishing charter.  Normally I don’t do many half day trips this time of year since the bait is much easier to catch in the backcountry, and the fishing is usually better too.  But we had a slow day back there yesterday and I was able to save some bait, so figured wed just try to hit some local spots early and hope it’d be better for us.  The early bite was good though it was all over by 7:00. We caught a nice fish of about 75 lbs, and then had another one on that we pulled the hook on.  After that things slowed down.  We ran down to the bigger bridges, didn’t see a whole lot of anything, no more bites in a few spots down there.  Tried out on the oceanside and did find a handful of fish out there, but the tide was dying and they were not responding.  We tried back near home for the last 30 minutes and had the incoming tide, but didn’t see much.  Anyways glad we went early and got our fish.  Tomorrow I’ve got a full day, may try locally first thing and then shoot back into the backcountry.  I heard today it was much better where I was fishing yesterday… as I’ve been saying it’s really day to day, one day they are pulling you out of the boat, the next day you don’t even get a sniff!  1 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk