6/13/17 June Tarpon Fishing Report Islamorada

Got out with Joe and Cara down from Ohio today.  Tarpon was on their list and they wanted to pull on ‘big stuff.’  We focused on that and did a 3/4 day.  I caught some mullet on the way out, we found some big massive schools where it was fairly easy to load up.  We hit the channels where I’d been having some luck, though today luck wasn’t on our side.  We had a variety of sharks in the first stop, moved around a little, but no tarpon love.  We tried out at the channel ends where I had found a good pack yesterday and had caught several, but today again no love though we did get a big sawfish.  A boat next to us on the other side of the channel did get in front of a couple fish and had a couple bites, landing one.  Next stop we finally actually saw a fish roll, and we moved to get in front of it.  Though again no bites, just a bunch of bonnethead sharks.  We hit one more channel and again made a couple moves, but didn’t see much.  Got a big blacktip shark and then a nurse shark, and that was all she wrote.  Joe and Cara had a good time though and did get to catch some big stuff, and the sawfish was really cool something they’d never seen in Ohio!  Tough day just not many tarpon out back right now, and I heard the local ‘around town’ bite was slow as well, though there were some fish around locally.  Not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow, may try some local spots early and hope we can get one while it’s still dark.  Really hope some new fish show up and fast!  0 for 0

Capt. Rick Stanczyk