6/23/17 June Full Day Tarpon Fishing Charter

Got out with Rob and his sons today for some tarpon fishing in islamorada.  We headed out early and I had bait leftover from the last couple of days.  We focused on tarpon and we hit a channel I hadn’t fished in a little while to start.  It paid off and within 15 minutes we had a nice tarpon on!  After that it quieted down though we moved and caught a bunch of sharks, and then one more move without much of anything.  Tide was still falling hard and I went and took a peek around some other channels further east near flamingo.  Unfortunately with the hard south wind a few days ago, the water was still very very muddy and just didn’t look very fishy at all.  So we didn’t even fish there just looked around but didn’t look worthwhile.  We headed out west to try off the mainland.  Saw a tarpon in one area as we were running, but tried fishing there without much luck.  Then we headed out further and saw another one but this time there was a good pack of fish.  We ended up catching three more and jumped a couple others off.  All smaller fish in the 10 to 30 lb range, but lots of fun!  We also caught several more sharks.  Anyways glad we stuck with it sometimes thats what you have to do, especially this year it seems!  Hopefully the wind will lay down one day and it’ll be like normal summer – one can always dream!  So the ‘hit and miss’ pattern continues as I’ve been preaching on here, some consistency would be great.  4 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk