6/24/17 June Everglades National Park Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out for some fun fishing today with friends Ron and his dad George Ferguson.  We went after tarpon and decided to try and hit ’em early to see if they were there first thing with the falling tide.  Yesterday we got their later in the day on the incoming and it was very good.  We caught some bait early and headed out.  Saw a few fish when we pulled up which was a great sign.  We set up and started to see some fish going by us, but they weren’t very happy.  We sat for about 30 or 40 minutes without much action.  I moved a little bit and tried to get in front of other fish, and after 20 minutes or so George put a small fish in the air.  Ron possibly had one that grabbed his bait and jumped as well.  Then George caught 2 fish in a row, again little guys in the 20-30 lb range, but much fun!  The tide started to quit after that, so we decided to just kill some time and try to catch a snook.  George got a nice on on an artificial bait which was cool up inside the mainland canals.  We ran back out to the tarpon area as the tide was coming in hard now.  We found them in the same general area and fishing was much better.  We caught 3 more tarpon in about 30 minutes to finish the day!  After that we headed home and got back in time for lunch.  I caught a little bit more bait on the way home so I’m all set for tomorrow at least.  Hopefully the fish will still be their cooperating!  5 for 7

Capt. Rick Stanczyk