6/25/17 June Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Scott and Amber down from WV today for a 3/4 day.  We had thought about doing a full day but just played it by ear.  The fishing was very good on the early falling tide much better than yesterday so we figured we’d just fish till the tide was done and call it a day.  We had a ton of action unfortunately the tarpon though just weren’t staying on the hooks for us.  Not really much angling error, just funny bites.  They were grabbing it and throwing it as soon as they touched the bait never even getting the hook most of the time.  We tried changing bait sizes, hook sizes, hook types, but nothing seemed to help.  But it was still fun to watch and that is fishing!  We did land one giant fish of about 120 lbs that Amber and Scott took turns on for about 30 minutes.  Got it up to the boatside but never where it rolled over for good pictures unfortunately but we got some good video and jump shots at least, and a technical catch with the leader to hand.  That was the 2nd bite, and then we proceed to jump I think about 10 more fish, and finally things slowed down and we waited and Scott got to catch a little guy that stayed on for us.  About a 20 lber.  It was great fun and they were glad to each catch one, I would’ve liked it to been more but it was just one of those days.  At least I know where I think I’ll be tomorrow again!  2 for 12

P.S. We normally do not lift tarpon out of the water, however if they are under 40 inches you are still allowed to (carefully).  We just make sure not to handle them too much and take them out quickly for a picture and release them.  We are not letting them flop around on the boat much, not wiping too much slime off, and not hanging them by their gills for long but supporting their belly (as you should with all fish you don’t plan on killing).

Capt. Rick Stanczyk