7/28/17 July Full Day Tarpon Fishing Charter in Islamorada

Got out with Andy Thompson and his boys Conrad and Derek again today.  We focused more on tarpon today for most of the day.  Bait was easy and we got to work soon after.  Had the last bit of incoming tide, fished a channel I hadn’t hit in a while but heard there was some fish there.  We found a good pack of ’em, and managed to catch a couple before the tide quit after an hour or so.  We then ran out towards the mainland to try out there where we had done so good yesterday.  Today we saw a lot of fish rolling straight away, unlike yesterday where they were not showing much.  But it was tough to get to them the sharks were bad, we made several moves and just couldn’t get a bite and after 45 minutes or so the tarpon seemed to quit showing.  We gave up and tried a few other channels, without much success aside from a few more sharks.  We tried one last spot where fishing had been good a few weeks ago.  We saw a fish jump out of the water and then a few roll in that area, and we set up and within 10 minutes hooked another tarpon.  Got some good jumping video and photos and got him to the boat before he took off and jumped off.  But had the leader for a release.  I’m out the next couple days and then next week is slow so far, I’m going to be doing some boat work but will have another skiff to use in the meantime.  August is great for tarpon so hit me up!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk