7/27/17 July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with Mike, Cary, and Brandon today we had a two boat trip along with Capt. Jeff Beeler aboard Huntinator.  We caught plenty of bait early on and hit the channels where we had found fish yesterday morning.  We didn’t get a bite but Capt. Jeff got his anglers on a nice tarpon there.  After that the tide soon quit.  We decided to take a look out off the mainland areas, fish had been plentiful out there a month ago, though the last week or two it’d been much more hit or miss, but was worth a shot.  We got lucky and they were out there, not showing a whole lot on the surface but I could see them on my electronics.  We jumped one straight away where we had seen one splash.  After that the sharks were not eating us up too bad thankfully, and we had plenty of more tarpon action!  Eventually the sharks got bad and we moved a bit, then eventually moved back where we had been and had more tarpon action!  Capt. Jeff also had some bites and landed one more fish.  We were lucky and made every other bite of ours count and landed five fish.  It was pretty epic fishing.  After a few hours of that, the tide quit and it was getting hot so we wrapped up a little early.  Great fishing hopefully those fish will stay put out there for the next few days.  August again is coming up and that can be a great time for tarpon fishing in the everglades… though full days are usually required and I like to leave early around 6, but let’s go give it a shot!  5 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk