6/12/18 June Full Day Florida Keys tarpon fishing charter

Got out with Ron and Charlie today for day 1 of 3.  The boys are down from NC and wanted to try and catch the silver king.   I told them fishing had been tough and we might be best served to leave real early and try the deep ‘glades run as we had luck with that yesterday.  They were up for it so away we went.  Had a nice calm day with no funky west wind or anything so perfect conditions.  Found a good load of fish, more then i’ve seen in the last few trips back there.  Great to see!  We set up and soon Charlie hooked up a nice 25 lber.  We landed him from the dead boat and kept on fishing.  Ron was up next and hooked a big 80 lb fish that just tore off like crazy.  He almost went under the boat but lucikly swam around it so he didn’t cut us off.  We had to chase him and he just kept going and going but we caught up.  Great fish with some great jumps.  After that a few more boats showed up but there was plenty of room.  We set back up and Charlie got one more fish about a 40 lber.  After that we moved around a bit and the tarpon seemed to thin out.  We caught a big sting ray and a small shark, and then that was all she wrote seemingly.  Anyways well worth the early rising, and nice to put multiple fish to the boat on day 1 that really takes the pressure off me!  We finished the day checking a couple other spots but didn’t see much, but we did catch a few trout for dinner on the way home.  Will be sticking to the same routine tomorrow the boys are good for it again, hopefully it’ll be more of the same.  The handful of other guys I talked to who fished other areas didn’t do a whole lot, hopefully that gets better soon for us.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing