7/31/18 End of July Tarpon Fishing Report Florida Keys

Got out with Peter and Ben for Day 2 today.  Wind was a little more easterly than yesterday, much better than the due south!  Little breezy to start but we had a window where it flattened to nothing for about an hour.  No tarpon the first few stops but we stayed in the same area to keep grinding, I figured the fish were there as they were pretty good yesterday.  Third stop was a charm and Ben got a nice 40 lb tarpon!  We then moved around a little bit and got into a good swarm of them.  The wind laid out as I said and we could see them pop up quite often.  We missed quite a few – a lot of smaller size fish that were just blowing the baits out and not getting hooked.  A couple maybe were angler error pulling back to soon, but most of them were not just bad bites.  Eventually we got another 20 lber for Ben and then missed a few more before finally finishing with another 20 lber.  I think we probably had 10 bites in all including one that we missed, casted back out, and literally ate it as it hit the water but missed again!  Also some sharks mostly blacktips.  We ran out of bait and tried to catch a little more but that was difficult at that point, so we just bent the light rods to finish the day catching a few trout.  But a good finish to July and my best month ever by a long shot!  3 for 10

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing