4/22/19 April Charter Fishing for Tarpon in Islamorada

Got out with Steven and Keegan today.  Yesterday we fished out in the backcountry and never really even put the baits out for tarpon as we didn’t see any.  Ended up having a tough day but we did manage a few redfish, a snook, some trout, snappers, and a big shark.  But overall not an easy one and was very muddy/nasty water from the weak cold front a day or two prior.  But today we decided to stay local and tarpon fish.  It was flat calm to start and then back to east later in the morning.  We went early in the dark as I wanted to do everything I could to get these guys a fish since we had a tougher day yesterday.  We got a nice one early on fishing our crabs in the dark, about a 75 lb fish for Keegan.  After that it started to get light and seemed like the early morning thing was over.  We saw a few fish out on the ocean that we casted a bait into but they spooked as it was so calm.  But cool to see.  We made our way to the bridges and had a great bite down there.  Through the last of the falling tide and then even on slack tide we had a handful of bites but broke the fish off or jumped them off.  Once the tide started rolling in, we moved around and then caught 4 more.  It was consistent action all through the trip and great to see!  April overall has been tougher fishing when I’ve been going, there seems to have been better night fishing but a little harder during the day.  But nice to see such a good bite.  Should be back at it tomorrow. Looks like we have some stable weather finally if the forecasts are correct, nice 10 to 15 mph out of the east for the week which should be ideal for tarpon fishing, maybe going a little south over the weekend but not cranking so it shouldn’t hurt things too much but that is still a little ways off so it may just stay nice, light, and out of the east like we like!

Good news too I think my new boat is done and should have it by weeks end and hopefully in service next week!  5 for 9

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing