6/26/19 June Keys Tarpon Fishing Charter Report

Had Garrick and Leslie out today visiting from Texas.  They wanted tarpon!  We had a half day scheduled, however I told them with the fishing I do in the backcountry we would probably need more like a 3/4 day trip… as you have the 45 minute/hour run, plus time to catch bait, so it’s hard to put it together in 4 hours unless you get lucky and stop in the right place the first time!  Well luckily for us that’s what happened.  Bait was fairly easy again, in a little different spot than yesterday but close enough.  We ended up getting leader on 5 tarpon, and missed the bite on a 6th one!  Just stellar fishing, in the same area we found them yesterday so that was nice.  We ended up actually going home and making it a 5 hour trip as the tide was quitting and it was getting hot.  But of course if I told someone sure 4 hours no problem, I’m sure we would’ve struggled 🙂  Anyways good to see, think I’ll be trying that again tomorrow as I have the same crew from yesterday then we may look for permit or something else in the afternoon.  Hopefully these are signs we are getting into the more consistent fishing of summer which often happens in July.  5 for 6

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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