Mid April Tarpon Fishing Update from Islamorada

Well it’s already mid april and boy does time fly!  Fishing has been absolutely phenomenal the last couple weeks.  We had one last late cold front that had slowed it down the first or second day of april and since then it’s been full steam ahead.  I think we’ve caught no less than 3 fish a trip since then, with several trips getting into the 5, 6, and even 8 fish one day.  It’s just been good!  Of course its a lot of larger size bridge fish now, and many days we’re fishing lighter leaders to get them to bite.  So we don’t always get them boatside for great pictures but usually we get a good fight and try to get one up for a picture or just break them off on the leader.  I just released a new youtube update if you want to check that out – haven’t had too much time for videos lately just been busy!  Make sure to subscribe to our channel and follow me on social media for more daily updates.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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