4/4/2023 Good day fishing at the bridges!

Well yesterday was pretty good fishing again.  Not quite as good as the day before however that was mostly due to not capitalizing on as many opportunities.  We missed a couple bites and had one fish break through the leader.  Though we landed two fish and got one all the way to the boat for pictures which we’re always happy with.  I think we probably had a half dozen bites and the other day i think we may have had a couple more than that.  It was a lot busier at the bridges on this day though at one point probably 25 boats down there whereas the day before I think we only ever saw half that.  Also the seaweed was bit more difficult to deal with and was likely the reason we lost one fish as we got a ton of sargasm weed on the line at one point which always puts extra weird pressure on your fish and gear.  It also makes the actual fishing a bit more difficult as you are having to reel in and clear lines and that sacrifices time you could be getting a bite.  But again still a good day catching a couple tarpon and having several more opportunities.  We also caught a couple big nurse sharks as well as a mutton snapper which is always a welcome bycatch!  I had return customers Dan and his wife Julie and they were a pleasure to have on the boat, and Stephen came along again as well.  Was good to get him a bit more experience at the bridges.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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