7/21/13 More july tarpon in the florida keys

Well fished Mark the last couple days.  Yesterday was a struggle bait was very very tough we managed only a handful of mullet in the morning after over an hour, we ran and fished them in one of the channels with the last 30 minutes of falling tide around flamingo.  Had one likely tarpon pick up and drop bait, and had a lemon shark to the boat.  Then tide quit and sun rose and we were out of fresh baits.  So looked for more mullet as the tide rose on the flats but there were very spooky.  We tried a few spots for trout and ladyfish, no ladyfish and caught a handful of trout.  Found another mullet mud on the way home and caught a half dozen, then tried fishing around islamorada.  Had one blacktip and that was about all she wrote.  Today was a different story bait was still not easy but we made out already, got about 10 in the morning and started fishing by 8:30.  Had one shark on and saw some tarpon but no bites.  Decided to try around a few islands which worked out nice caught several snook and snapper, then found some more mullet and caught another 10 and tried some other channels closer to the gulf.  We caught 2 out of 3 tarpon one nice big 90 lb fish, plus a hammerhead shark and some blacktips.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk