6/12/15 Everglades June Tarpon Fishing

More good tarpon action today we caught bait early and hit the channels.  First stop we had the last of the outgoing tide.  Saw a fish roll and we put out our baits and soon enough he was on!  A small 35 lb fish but lots of fun.  We caught a variety of sharks too not bad for the first hour of fishing.  Once the tide quit we ran further west to catch the start of the incoming tide.  We set up and soon enough we had some shark activity, then another nice tarpon of about 60 lbs.  We landed him and soon after jumped another fish off, then caught another one of about the same size.  Then several more nurse sharks and a big lemon shark.  After that we caught a few blacktip sharks in another channel, no more tarpon action.  Finished up bending the little rods with some various critters.  Great day!  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk