3/18/16 Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing in March

Back on the tarpon today it was a gorgeous day with winds light out of the southeast.  By the time we got into the backcountry it slicked out and was flat calm.  Thankfully it was nice and overcast.  We fished where we found the tarpon yesterday and they were still there.  We watched several roll around the entire time.  First bait out we hooked a fish within 5 minutes and we got him to the leader but he came off before we got any real good pictures.  After that we caught a few sharks and after about an hour we hooked another tarpon.  Same size fish they were both around 50 lbs and we got some good shots of this one and released him unharmed.  After that things slowed down and we caught a couple more sharks including a 100 lb bull shark which was cool.  Then around 10:30 we hooked a big 120 lb fish and we fought him for a good half hour.  He put on quite a show and didn’t want to quit but we got him leadered and got some good boatside shots and released him as well.  They weren’t pulling you out of the boat like you’d expect them to with the conditions we had, but catching 3 tarpon in a day is plenty fine with me!  After that we went triple tail fishing and caught a few for dinner, including a 13 lber which was a beast!  Honestly I was more excited about him than the tarpon we don’t see many over 10 lbs this days so it was a treat.  Luckily the sharks weren’t too bad while tarpon fishing nor was the ‘red grass’ that often makes fishing very difficult in this area this time of year.  Tomorrow I’ll likely be doing some tarpon fishing and then sunday the front is coming in.  They are calling for some rain and sunday night it’s gonna drop down into the low 60s, so may not be doing any tarpon fishing for a few days after that – we will see what happens!  3 for 3