4/11/17 April Tarpon Fishing Half day in Islamorada

Buck and Carl were with me again today they fished with me a few days ago and had each caught a tarpon that day.  Today they wanted to try it again, I told them it was a little slow locally I had heard but they were still all in.  We had some live baits left over from the day before and we went to work.  We found a few fish in one of the local channels early, and after a couple moves we got one to eat the mullet.  A nice 65 lb and Carl caught him!  After that it quieted down and several other boats came out there.  Eventually a boat ran right up behind me and over my lines and I had had enough so I moved.  We tried another channel and there were a few tarpon there too.  We had one eat a live bait soon after setting up though we missed him unfortunately the rod was in the holder and couldn’t get it out quick enough to hook him.  After that we had another flash on a bait but not eat.  We moved again and tried one last spot and ended up jumping a fish, and then catching Buck one to end the morning half day trip.  It was pretty good fishing considering that it was slow yesterday.  Buck and Carl can’t wait to come back next year they really enjoyed the fishing and were happy to catch a couple with me each day.  Tomorrow I’m back on the full day schedule, may try locally for the first hour then probably run into the backcountry.  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk